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Information Technology Products and Services

Sales, Integration, Maintenance of ICT, Communication, Energy and Security Systems.

Power Distribution Transmission and Alternative Energy

Botek has emerged as a specialty contractor in the Balkan region in the field of power distribution and alternative energy.

Communication and Security Systems

Botek is supplier of quality communication and security systems from recognized world manufacturers.

Welcome to Botek L.L.C.

Founded in 2002, BOTEK is entering its second decade of being a leader in Kosovo market for Sales, Integration, Maintenance of ICT, Energy and Security Systems. While maintaining its leader position, BOTEK has managed to retain fair-pricing and efficiency as main company advantages, while expanding its activities in the region remains as our goal as well, especially in Macedonia and Albania, where a need for such high-quality and efficient services is still present.

Our company is committed to offering a full spectrum of engineering services to our clients from conceptual design to manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance in the field.